With more and more restrictions on industrial waste, freight charges and an increasing number of ecommerce users, what can Third Party Logistics companies do to keep ahead of their customers?

Third Party Logistics (3PL) operators, as well as other professions among the packaging industry, are being forced to look at new and upcoming innovations in the design of packaging materials and machines.

As costs continue to increase, many companies have built their own shipping or logistics department, particularly with the increased use of dimensional weight freight charges, in order to keep up with the high demand of distribution. But wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce the volumetric weight packaging waste at the same time?

3PL’s need to provide customers with something they haven’t already got, with new and better technology that will cut the customers costs, whether that is through shipping, labor or downtime. Innovations in waste reduction will be the next big packaging trend, and packaging technologies that advance this process will have a massive impact on warehouse operations over the next couple of years.

The main focus of 3PL companies should be looking to invest in an automated or semi-automated packaging system which will increase speeds and cut costs. As automated packaging solutions have a massive impact on warehouse efficiency and pose many long term benefits to.

Boxsizer 3PL Logistics omnichannel Packaging machineAutomated machines increase production speeds, reduce downtime, give warehouse 24/7 running capabilities, as well as cutting material and labor costs due to their precision and accuracy. Even a partly automated system can increase the efficiency of a warehouse which ultimately leads to increased profits and happy customers.

This is particularly important in the eCommerce sectors where it has been proven that satisfied customers keep coming back. If the consumers are happy that will be reported back to the companies who use 3PL’s and who will therefore continue to use the chosen Logistics Company.

Many sectors benefit from these innovations in smart packaging however, one in particular would be eCommerce. The rise of which is continuing at a steady 20% per year. With more and more consumers turning to online purchases eCommerce businesses are looking for fewer returns and happier customers which ensure consumers repeat website orders.

A large part of packaging technology will be turning to end-of-line packaging machinery innovations that deal with varying random product sizes. One of those worth looking at is the BoxSizer®.

Multiple footprint boxes containing loaded products arrive at random to the BoxSizer infeed. BoxSizer then measures incoming box external dimensions and internal empty void above the loaded product contents.

It cuts and creases box at a pre-determined safe height above contents to maximise void reduction. It folds and closes box, reducing empty void and box height, and finally glue seals boxes for security, ready for dispatch, making it ideal for eCommerce and dispatch sectors.

Due to the continuous 20% annual rise in ecommerce and online sales, packaging companies are looking for new, innovative ways to reduce shipping costs and increase production speeds. There’s been a steady increase in the number of packaging dispatch systems being bought due to the change from physical shopping to online shopping with immediate or next day delivery.

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