Zero Waste Hero

Are this Generation the Sci-Fi Heroes of Today?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The famous recycling moto – and the world’s doing fantastically. With the 2015 percentage figure of products being recycled the second highest annual value on record, according to the Government Statistical Service’s UK Statistics on Waste.

Waste management has become a global conversation and we’re all making a conscious effort to recycle packaging products and other materials. Recycling is an excellent way to reuse materials, and companies are focusing on the reduction of their waste and carbon footprint.

As the next generation are planting their feet in substantial company positions, their values and ideals, and those of their fellow consumers, are becoming influential in the progression of companies. Their lifestyle choices, including the daunting subject of zero waste, are slowly influencing companies who are making a concerted effort to, not only recycle, but reduce waste and become a sustainable and environmentally friendly entity.

As a popular lifestyle trend of 2016, zero waste and waste reduction remains a sustainable packaging trend with both customers and companies. The industry conversation is turning from recyclability to waste reduction. Waste reduction ultimately means cost reduction so the ideals of the zero waste trend aren’t in such a distant future.

Waste is often cast with a dark shadow but thanks to The Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 many companies have signed an agreement to reduce their waste. The success of the program was published in there 2013 November issue stating that “£3.1 billion was saved over the period of Courtauld Commitment 2. 1.7 million tonnes of waste was prevented, which represents a reduction of 4.8 million tonnes of CO2eq.” and that “The CO2eq prevented would be equivalent to permanently taking 1 million cars off the road”.*

Manufacturing and distribution companies are finding huge benefits of efficient waste reduction. With material prices, transport and labour continually rising saving money where possible can mean sink or swim for many companies. Recycling and waste reduction is good for companies; it’s becoming a popular requirement for a lot of customers and regulatory agencies, but can they do more?

Thinking Inside the Box: Reduce Waste Reduce Expenses Increase Profits.

Many entrepreneurs and innovators have been working on solutions to increase profits whilst decreasing waste and carbon footprints. There are solutions out there that not only maintain the speeds and precision needed to fulfil Ecommerce requirements but increase the speed and overall efficiency of warehouses.

One of these innovations is Boxsizer®, David Hayward, managing driector of Linkx Packaging Systems says:

“Boxsizer is a machine that fulfils all the requirements of Ecommerce packaging with increased quality and efficiency. Our Boxsizer machine looks inside the box, works out the volume of the product inside then cuts and creases, folds and closes and finally seals the box to the appropriate size, ready for dispatch with additional sealing choices and options for labelling.”

So bring on the packaging revolution and let’s begin the journey to a waste free world, where super-fast next-day delivery and 24hr product delivery aren’t compromised.


Goodwin, L., 2013. THE COURTAULD COMMITMENT PHASE 2 Final Results [Online.] Available here [Accessed 12/01/2017]


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