How BoxSizer eCommerce Fulfilment Works

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Our Multi-Award Winning BoxSizer® is specifically designed for eCommerce and online shopping fulfilment, where random, single, multiple, loose or grouped goods need to be packaged automatically for dispatch.

BoxSizer® continuously reduces multiple footprint box sizes, randomly on-demand, ensuring smallest volumetric dimensional weight (DIM weight) possible, without compromising security.

BoxSizer® intelligently measures the empty volume of each loaded box, adjusts itself to cut, crease, fold and seal to suit the volume of goods within each box.

BoxSizer® reduces the volume of random packaged goods and excess packaging material for exceptional cost savings. With average volume reduction of 30% per box, you can ship or store more packages in the same space.

With ongoing increases in shipping, warehousing and environmental costs, BoxSizer® will maximise return on investment year on year and reduce your carbon footprint.

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How BoxSizer works

Multiple footprint boxes containing
loaded products arrive at random
to BoxSizer infeed

1. Place Random foot print boxes, containing loaded items, on conveyor

BoxSizer measures incoming box external dimensions and internal empty void above the loaded product contents

2. BoxSizer measures incoming random box external and internal volumetric dimensions

BoxSizer cuts and creases box at a pre-determined safe height above contents to maximise void reduction

4. Box Sizer cuts and creases box at 2mm above contents

BoxSizer folds and closes box, reducing empty void and box height  

5. BoxSizer folds and closes box reducing empty void and box height

BoxSizer glue seals boxes for security, ready for dispatch. Tape, strap and bagging solutions also available  

6. Finally BoxSizer Glue seals boxes for security, ready for dispatch

Features and Benefits

  • BoxSizer is a machine that reduces volume of despatch boxes of random size, fill and feed – ship more in the same space, save on despatch costs.
  • Uses standard HSC or FEFCO 0200 boxes – allows you to maintain low cost of packaging materials.
  • Improved package presentation through automation
  • No need to rationalise your current box selection – use your existing standard box sizes.
  • No added costs when you change your box size to suit a new product range – BoxSizer automatically detects new box sizes (within the design range).
  • Maximise your labour usage – keep labour to packing only – let automation take care of the rest.
  • Improve returns – use standard boxes that are designed for re-use.
  • Data to monitor and improve performance – the system will integrate into your warehouse management system providing feedback on box volume and weight (option) data.
  • Operator and engineer friendly for reduced downtime – comes with remote online access, backed by full service and breakdown support for total piece of mind.
  • Reduce carbon footprint – BoxSizer is kinder to the environment by reducing transport and material waste.

Technical Specifications

boxsizer-machine dimensionsBoxSizer BX600 machine range

  • Typical speed: 12 to 20 boxes per min depending on box range.
  • Typical footprint sizes*
    Min: 250(l) x 200(w)
    Max: 750(l) x 500(w).

Entire BoxSizer Equipment range

  • Acrylic guard doors for optimum visibility and unimpeded access
  • Touchscreen operator interface with management information and Ethernet connectivity for remote diagnostics
  • Emergency stops and safety circuitry
  • Fully CE marked
  • Mild steel powder coated frame
  • Low maintenance servo drives used for precision motion control and remote diagnosis.

* Depending on application. Other box sizes on request.

Options, volume reduction machines and equipment

  • Interface to Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Conveyors
  • Box Erectors – Single or Twin
  • Print and Apply Labellers
  • Tracking Labeller
  • Baggers
  • Checkweighers
  • Strapping Machine
  • Dispatch Selection
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Reject Systems.

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